Coco Labouche with Sonic's Chilli Dog

Coco LaBouche is the main antagonist in Sonic The Hedgheog in Paris: The Movie. She was voiced by Susan Sarandon. She runs the amusement park Sega World, a Japanese theme park in Paris. Her boss in offering her the job for president of the company, but only if she learns to love children, to which she lies and says that she is engaged.CreepyPasta Sonic helps Coco trick Chris into marrying her. This sets the climax for the film. The real reason she brought the Pickles and the gang to France is so that Stu could fix Giant Metal Sonic. She also plans to kidnap the Sonic because she hates Sonic. When her plans got discovered, her wedding gets called off and her boss fires her, much to her humiliation. Sonic jumps on her wedding dress, causing it to rip and to have her underwear shown in front of everyone, including some people with cameras. It is unknown what happens to her afterwards.

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