Luna is the middle child of Amigo and Linda.

Personality Edit

Luna is a big goofball. She will take any opportinuty to do silly things and make others laugh. She is outgoing and friendly, able to warm up to even the shyest mamal easily. Luna is the peacemaker of her family, and tries to break up any conflicts, should they appear. She is a hardworker, and will do her best in any situation. However, Luna is fragile. Even the smallest careless comment can hurt her feelings, and she cant take too much verbal abuse.

Appearance Edit

Luna is a muddled blue color, she has bits and pieces of both her parents attributes in her. She has long powerful legs like her mother, her tail is monkeylike with a bit more fluff, her wings are butterfly-like but longer. Her feet are larger, but retain a monkey-like structure. Her tail tip, around her eyes, and hands are a dark pink color. She has a lighter colored face and toes. Her eyes green. Luna is usually always wearing a special flower.

Family Edit

Amigo: dad

Linda: mom

Aurora: older sister

Baila: younger sister

Friends Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Luna is ten years old. There is a three year gap between her and Aurora, and a four year gap between her and Baila.
  • It is commonplace to see Luna sticking her toungue out as she plays and does most activities.
  • She does not do well with the discrimination against her being a hybrid.
  • She has no crush at the moment.
  • She was designed for me by a good friend of mine.

Stories she appears in Edit

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