The most Epic pic of all time
Matt lives in his Daddy's flat somewhere in North London but insists this isn't money from his parents.

Matt's Info

  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: April 17 1993
  • Born: In a hospital like normal people, except the hospital was for Hedgehogs.
  • Powers: None, a talentless hack.
  • Personality: Utter pill.
Story Edit

(I would vandalise this, but honestly, it mocks itself - Ed.)

At the age of 7 matt was separated from his parents by a storm. A few days later Matt found a piarate ship. He went 1 full year on the piarate ship. At the age of 8 he told the captain he had to search for his parents. The captain did not like the idea of matt leaving the crew. So the captain resized all Matts holes. Matt killed the captain's anus. feeling quite ashamed matt fled the ship and took one of those small boats on the side of a piarate ship. Matt landed on an island with these strange creatures. The creatures were panicknng. Matt saw a volcano was about to erupt. Matt used some ice powers to freeze the volcano. The creatures were greatful for what matt did matt said goodbye and sailed off to continue searching for his parents. He landed on another island where a hedgehog named striker found matt. He trained matt to do evil. Soon matt found out that striker was the one who separated matt from his parents. Striker can control water and weather. Matt got into a giant battle with striker. Matt was near death when a blue blur attacked striker and saved matts life. The blue blur was none other than Sonic the hedgehog. Matt thanked sonic and they became friends. A few weeks later matt fell in love with Dawn the hedgehog. So now Matt Dawn and Sonic are all searching for Matts parents. A few weeks later matt reunited with an old firend. Sam the hedgehog. So Sam joined too. A few years later when matt was 15 he finally found his parents.

20 years later... Sir Charles hedgehog invents a time machine and lets matt the hedgehog be the first to use it. Matt the hedgehog goes to 1945 occupied Poland by nazi rule. The nazi party was losing the war and Matt the hedgehog decides to help the nazis. Matt the hedgehog has always had a crush on striker and wanted to impress him. After the nazis win, Matt the hedge hog goes to young striker and makes love to him. Striker whispers to Matt the hedgehog seductivly "harder". Matt the hedghog obeys strikers request. Striker moans loudly " DaDdY!". Matt the hedgehog takes this as an invitation to go on but even harder. Striker then explodes in a bloody orgasm. THE END

Much TroubleEdit

Matt has a crush on "girls" and dosent know who to stay with. You should help matt decide on my Talk Page

Should matt go with....

Big Donkey Dick DaveORhe Blaze the cat


Dawn the hedgehog.


thumb|300px|right|Matt's theme

Revolution Deathsquad by Dragon foreskin Nintendo


Matt often helps Sir Charles Hedgehog in creating inventions. Matt has even made some by himself

  • Roboticizer (Helped)

^Sonic's Anti-Gravity Sneakers (Created by Himself)

  • Air Boards (Created Himself)
  • vibrating dildo ( tested by himself)
  • De-Roboticizer (In Progress.....)
  • The de niggerizer (created by himself and worked)
  • The quantum-mechanical dike bike


Matt's Weakness is his golden dong ring. If get taken off his attacks grow weak.

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