Announced in the Nintendo Direct, Mighty the Armadillo will be a new Sonic universe character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, not as an Echo Fighter... In Sonic Heroes games, he is the power member of Team Future, who partners up with Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog, but makes a major role in Team Future's Team Blast, Futuristic Kinesis. However, his biggest rival is Team Shade (Fang the Sniper, Gemerl and Shade the Echidna).

Mighty's Main Moveset Edit

Standard Special: Edit

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mighty's standard special is the Homing Attack. He does an action similar to Sonic's Homing Attack. However, the two differences between Sonic's Homing Attack and Mighty's Homing Attack is that Mighty slams the opponent thrice and Mighty is covered in a firey aura, so the opponent is covered in flames and gets burned after Mighty slams the third time. Also, Mighty pounds his left hand on the ground.

Custom Versions: Edit

  • Standard Special (Custom 1) - Mighty spinjumps up, smacks the opponent, backflips in the air, and slams the opponent thrice, with full force and with his legs covered in a firey aura. Then, the opponent gets burned and Mighty lands while pounding his left hand on the ground. This is called Complete Homing Attack.
  • Standard Special (Custom 2) - Mighty jumps and bows forward when landing. Then he spinjumps up and punches the opponent from above. Just after that, the battlefield becomes a magical dimension with magenta grass, magenta leaves, a clear night sky and gemstones. Mighty punches the opponent again and the battlefield becomes normal. This is called Magical Fist.

Side Special: Edit

Mighty, like Sonic, has Spin Dash as a side special. It is quite the same, but Mighty is covered in a firey aura.

Custom Versions: Edit

  • Side Special (Custom 1) - Mighty's first custom side special is the same as Sonic's.
  • Side Special (Custom 2) - This is a completely new version in the difference of Sonic's. Mighty will execute a Spin Dash, but after that, Mighty will produce two afterimages of himself doing the same attack. The afterimages first slam the opponent and then Mighty smashes the opponent away. The afterimages disappear and Mighty strikes a pose. This is called Afterimage Tri-Dash, as opposed to the Tri-Dash technique first appearing in Sonic Heroes 2.

Up Special: Edit

The signature technique of Mighty, first appearing in Sonic Mania Plus, returns and makes its SSB debut! This is Hammer Drop. Mighty does a really high jump to the clouds, and then rockets down to the ground as a ball. When Mighty lands on the ground, the opposite characters blow away as Mighty strikes a pose.

Custom Versions: Edit

  • Up Special (Custom 1) - Just like to the normal Hammer Drop, but Mighty will bounce several times to deal more damage before the brutal attack. This is called Bouncy Hammer Drop.
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