The Palmtree Panic Zone, based off the first round of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, is the first zone of Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Adventure. Just like usually other zones, it has two acts and a boss fight against the zone's boss, EGG-HVC-002. This is based off Star Shores from Sonic Before the Sequel.

Overview Edit

Act 1 Edit

Palmtree Panic Zone's first act is a tropical region with sharp mountains and scattered waterfalls in the background. The zone mainly resembles Palmtree Panic in the past, but trees, star-shaped plants and the act's background are from present, just like the grass. There are Angel Island's bush graphics colored yellow and green. In the last part, instead of zig-zag patterns, there are triangle patterns.

Act 2 Edit

Palmtree Panic Zone's second act fully resembles the original's bad future appearance, but the water is not polluted with oil.

Boss Edit

Palmtree Panic Zone's boss fight looks like the first act, but the zig-zag patterns remain, just like the trees and star plants.

Act Layout Edit

Act 1 Edit

The first two parts of first act are the original's Palmtree Panic Zone 1 and 2, respectively, but has secret gimmicks filled with water and secret platforms. There are 4 giant rings hidden in the whole act. The third part is a fully new section.

Act 2 Edit

As Doctor Eggman used the Industro-changer, the whole Palmtree Panic Zone became a huge industry, filled with corkscrew loops, winding tunnels and high-speed warp tubes that take the player to the underground, where Eggman's new base is included. The players have to wind through Palmtree Panic Zone and clear the act. 4 giant rings are hidden in this act.

Boss Battle Edit

There, it is a fight against Eggman's EGG-HVC-002, a quadrupedal mech with spiky arms and two red eyes. After 8 hits, a capsule appears and the player can now run into the next zone...

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