Robolad is a character from The Incredible RoboLad for the SEGA Genesis. Not much is known about his past, except for his robot model. RoboLad, on his past adventures has met Ecco, Niles Nemo, Sonic, ToeJam, Earl, & VectorMan. RoboLad's last main series apperance was in RoboLad 4 for the Saturn. His overall last appearance was in SEGA SWIRL.

Until 1998, he was SEGA's second most popular character, behind Sonic The Hedgehog.

Trivia Edit

He starred in an syndicated animated TV series to be paired with reruns of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, but due to his popularity declining, it was cancelled after the first season.

For his four appearances where he spoke (1995's RoboLad: DataStorm for Windows 95, 1993's RoboLad: The Discs of Time, 1997's RoboLad 4 for Saturn, and the animated series), he was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

He starred in a self-titled comic in SEGA Visions from Oct. 1995 - May 1997.

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