Sega Kamble is a next-generation console. Announced as sucessor of Dreamcast during the press in 2015, and launched for USA/BR in 6, Febuary 2016, EUR/AUS/JAP for 10, March 2016. Completes with PS4, Xbox One and Wii U as 8th Generation of video game Consoles.

Sega Kamble

Sega Kamble Console with Controller

Home video game Console
8th Generation
Release Date:
NA: 6 Febuary 2016

AUS: 10 March 2016 JAP: 10 March 2016 EUR: 10 March 2016

BR: 6 Febuary 2016
Units Sold:
5 million (3 May 2019)
Units shipped:
2 million (8 August 2019)
DVD, CD and Blu-ray
Custom AMD x86-x64 APU

Hardware Edit

The tecnhology in Sega Kamble is silimar Hardware from personal computer one. This family can make it easier to develop games for Kamble.

Controllers Edit

Kamble Controller Edit

Kamble Controller is a Sega Kamble's controller. This design is silimar to DualShock 3 of Sony. Connect this console via USB.

Kamble Dreamcast Controller Edit

Kamble Dreamcast Controller is a controller styled dreamcast. Requires this to play normal and Dreamcast games.

Kamble Classic Controller Edit

Kamble Classic Controller is a Controller who have a Genesis and Saturn controller design. Requires this to play normal and Classic games.

Camera Edit

Sega Kincet is a motion sensing accessory who have design silimar to Wii Kincet.

Software and Services Edit

Sega Kamble run system silimar to Wii U. This console require Internet. Kamble includes Sega aShop, Sega Internet, Download Manager and Sega Friend. To play Dreamcast Games. Needed to put Dreamcast Game Disc in this Console.

Online Services Edit

Sega Kamble uses Sega Network platform for online services, enabling the Online Multiplayer, downloading and purchasing games or apps via Sega aShop, acessing Internet and Watch Youtube.

Multimedia integration Edit

Sega Kamble supports playback of DVD and Blu-ray (including 3D). But playing CD not supported.

Games Edit

Kamble Games can be downloaded through Sega aShop. But Retail copies of Kamble Games are distributed on Kamble DVD Game Disc.

Sega Virtual Console Edit

In May 2016, Sega announced Sega Game Gear, Master System and Genesis titles to be available for Sega Virtual Console service on July 2016. In September 2016, Sega 32X and CD can be confirmed and started to appear in Sega aShop. Saturn games can be added in January 2017.

Sales Edit

Coming soon!

Gallery Edit

Sega Kamble Console

Kamble Console

Kamble Dreamcast Controller

Kamble Dreamcast Controller

Sega Kamble Controller

Kamble Controller

Kamble Classic Controller

Kamble Classic Controller

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