Sonic & Sega All-Stars Sports Party is a game for the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, XBox, PS4.

Playable Main Characters and Main Sport and Team Element[edit | edit source]

Sonic (Main Sport: Basketball) (Team Sonic Speed)

Tails (Main Sport: Tennis) (Team Sonic Fly)

Knuckles (Main Sport: Boxing) (Team Sonic Power)

Silver (Main Sport: Volleyball) (Team Sonic Magic)

Amy (Main Sport: Rock Climbing) (Team Rose Speed)

Cream (Main Sport: Running) (Team Rose Fly)

Ulala (Main Sport: Archery) (Team Rose Power)

Blaze (Main Sport: Dodgeball) (Team Rose Magic)

Billy Hatcher (Main Sport: Soccer) (Team Egg Speed)

Rolly Roll (Main Sport: Equestrian) (Team Egg Fly)

Vyse (Main Sport: Golf) (Team Egg Power)

Aika (Main Sport: Fencing) (Team Egg Magic)

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