Sonic Boom: 3D Blast is a game mod to the online game to Sonic Boom Cannon 3D. Instead of different characters, there are teams of three. It is a downloadble mod and is worth 5.0MB, so you must create a new folder.


Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic is always on the move. When faced by his formidable enemy Eggman, Sonic wins every time. He thinks that saving the world is no big feat, and he always helps the underdog. Sonic hates boredom and is consistently looking for his next adventure.Sonic lives by his own rules, never thinking twice about what others perceive of him, and driven by his own desires. He was born to run, and he loves to cover as much ground as fast as he can. His demeanor is always cool and calm. When he finds himself in a pinch, he acts as though nothing can stop him. Cool all the way. When faced with a serious situation, he bears down and becomes intensely focused on the challenge. He is part of Team Sonic.

Miles "Tails" Prower: Tails is a young fox with a knack for building things. He’s as talented as Eggman but has yet to discover the true potential of what he can accomplish. Sonic has taken Tails under his wing and treats him like a younger brother. Tails wants to prove to Sonic that he’s someone Sonic can count on. Besides his ability to fly using his tails, he has become an experienced pilot of his newly designed plane, the “Tornado.” Tails’s natural talent for building things helps Sonic more than ever this time around. He is part of Team Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles was born on Angel Island and brought into this world to defend the Master Emerald. This is his destiny. If Sonic exemplifies the wind, then Knuckles is the mountain, stern and unmovable. Wild and tough, his determination is unshakable. Knuckles thinks of Sonic as a rival, but is often envious of the adventurous lifestyle he lives and the fame that follows. He is a well-known treasure hunter versed in the martial arts. He is part of Team Sonic.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow is the spitting image of Sonic, except for his black body. Created by the world's most intelligent scientist, Professor Gerald, Shadow is ageless and immortal. He has the special ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emerald, which enables him to warp time and space. Sharp-witted and willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, he always seems to be on the edge. The little girl he grew up with, and who he was very fond of, was violently killed in front of his eyes, gasping her final wish for him to save the world. Traumatized by the grief of her death, Shadow is determined to keep the promise he made to her. He is part of Team Dark.

Rouge the Bat: Rouge is a world-famous treasure hunter who loves jewels. The president hired Rouge to uncover information about the mysterious project “Shadow.” This fearless female bat is full of sex appeal and knows how to get what she wants. Although she looks innocent and carefree, she’s always scheming. Once she makes a decision, her motives are always mercenary in nature. She is part of Team Dark.

Metal Sonic: Metal Sonic is a doppelganger of Sonic. He is targeted to help Shadow and Rouge to defeat Sonic to show who is the fastest hedgehog. He is part of Team Dark.

Amy Rose: Amy Rose is walking through Station Square one day when a tiny blue Flicky falls from the sky and lands on her head. It is discovered that Dr. Eggman needed this Flicky (nicknamed "Birdie" by Amy) because of the Chaos Emerald in its pendant. Amy and Birdie must escape ZERO, one of Eggman's robots. Her primary weapon from Sonic the Fighters, the Piko Piko Hammer, returns. Amy is considered to have the shortest story since she has fewer levels than the other characters, despite their length being second only to Sonic's. Amy's levels involve a few puzzles, while going though lanes and paths. Usually ZERO comes in the most surprising ways, to try and capture Amy. The usual goal is to find the yellow balloons at the end of the levels. All of this information happened in Sonic Adventure. She is part of Team Rose.

Cream the Rabbit: Cream is Amy's friend, as they act like sisters. She is Blaze's best friend from Sonic Rush and is part of Team Rose.

Big the Cat: Big the Cat is a veteran to the Sonic series. Big's best friend is a frog named Froggy, who became possessed by Chaos' tail, and swallows his "lucky charm", a Chaos Emerald, which causes him to mutate. Froggy then runs off, and Big's story begins. His levels involve using his fishing pole to try and catch Froggy, although he can also choose to try and catch big fish, with score bonuses based on size, as this happened in Sonic Adventure but not in this game. He is part of Team Rose.

Espio the Chameleon: Espio is an opinionated and obsessed chameleon at the Chaotix Detective Agency. He has militaristic discipline despite being quiet and calm. Thanks to his extensive ninja training, he faces trouble head-on and uses his stealth camouflage to render him invisible. Going deep undercover by order of Vector, Espio is trying to get to the bottom of the missing Chao disappearances. He is part of Team Chaotix.

Charmy Bee: Charmy is a cheerful bee of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He is friends with the other members. She is part of Team Chaotix.

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