Sonic Forces: The Phantom War is a stand alone reboot of Sonic Forces. Does not include Classic Sonic or a major OC.

Script Edit

Episode Shadow Edit

Prologue Edit

Knuckles: Shadow, there is a report from the Intelligence Division. We've located an unknown base of operations, that seems to be totally outside the chain of command for Eggman's robots.

Amy Rose: There is a large-scale troop presence, suspiciously large for a place without strategic value.

Shadow: I can't imagine Dr. Eggman would do something like that without a reason, Amy.

Vector: No kidding, Shads. And there's a rumor going around Eggman has been developing the Phantom Ruby, so...

Shadow: You're right, Vector. Maybe this won't be a garden-variety recon mission for you all.

Knuckles: Do it to it, Shadow. Omega went on ahead of you, so you can link up with him on-site.

Shadow: I'm more than enough on my own, Commander. I'll handle things... MY way.

Tails: Omega said the same thing to you. Resistance, over and out.

Shadow: Finally, some peace and quiet. And some action.

Westopolis: Enemy Territory Edit

Knuckles: That area is enemy territory. Keep going, Shadow.

Shadow: Got it, Commander.

E-123 Omega: E-123 Omega here. Extermination proceeding without incident. No problems to report.

Charmy: Extermination?! This is supposed to be a recon mission for Shadow! You can't go making a big scene!

Shadow: Charmy, you should have known better than to send Omega in an op like this.

E-123 Omega: Unknown hostile encountered! Tails, come in! Position coordinates lost. Current location unknown!

Tails: Omega, what's going on? Respond!

Rouge: We've lost Omega's signal! Shadow, get to his best known location and provide him support.

Shadow: Already on it.

Espio: Hmph! I knew it. So much for recons.

E-123 Omega: This is E-123 Omega. All sensors offline. Damage to parietal lobe legion. Casualty report: Rouge fallen. Shadow to be eliminated!

Silver: Omega, what happened? What's going on over here?!

E-123 Omega: Unidentifiable hostile intrusion. Emergency withdrawal! I am E-123 Omega, the most powerful...

Knuckles: You're almost at the spot where we've lost contact with Omega.

Shadow: What is going on here...?

More scripts coming soon...

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