Sonic Heroes 2 is a sequel to Sonic Heroes. The gameplay relates to Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders series and Sonic '06. There are six types of missions, Normal (You have to get to the goal of the stage), Race (Beat your opponent before they get to the finish line), Hunting (Find the Chaos Emerald before the time limit), Chase (Get to the capsule before you get caught by G.U.N.), Fishing (Track down a Sol Emerald and fish it out) and Shooting (Shoot your target with missiles before they get caught).


Team SonicEdit

Name Bio Style of Gameplay
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is the fastest creature on the planet. He is best friends with Tails and spends his days relaxing. But now he finds himself trying to stop Eggman's latest scheme involving Chaos Emerl. Can Sonic stop his enemy from destroying the whole continent? Normal
Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form, debuted in Sonic Adventure 2 in 2001. He is created by Professer Gerald Robotnik in the Space Colony ARK. But when Chaos Emerl destroys the continent, can Team Sonic stop Chaos Emerl for destroying the continent? Race
Silver the Hedgehog Silver is the hedgehog of the Future Dimension. He is friends with Blaze, who is from the Sol Dimension. He is a hedgehog, who fights for freedom with his psychic-skilled powers. He mostly dislikes Mephiles the Dark, from Sonic '06. With Chaos Emerl in the way, what will Silver attack him with? Chase
Scourge the Hedgehog Scourge is Sonic's dimensional counterpart. Although he is nicknamed "Anti-Sonic", he is still a evil hedgehog. He is an unlockable character in this game, as he is unlocked by defeating him in Prison Island. But can he help Team Sonic defeating Chaos Emerl? Shooting 

More coming soon...Edit


Action StagesEdit

These stages are also available in Multiplayer Mode and Online Mode.

Classic-related StagesEdit

Stage Name Team Available
Green Hill South Team Sonic, Team Archaic, Team Dark
Aquatic Ruin West Team Rose, Team Big, Team Babylon
Little Planet Speedway Team Underground, Team Chaotix, Team Badnik
Flying Battery Island Team Knuckles, Team Convert, Team Eggman
Christmas Sega Island All Teams
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