Sonic Shuffle Remix is a party game, based on the Mario Party games. Judging by the title, Remix has features from Mario Party 10 and the other Party games and Sonic Shuffle to combine them into 1 WHOLE NEW FEATURE! However, the boss battles and the final zone are based on the platforming games.


  • Green Hill - Boss: Egg Mobile-H
  • Under Ground - Boss: Arijigoku Mecha
  • Mystic Cave - Boss: Drill Eggman II
  • Sandopolis - Boss: Egg Golem
  • Emerald Coast - Boss: Chaos 0
  • City Escape - Boss: Bigfoot
  • Ocean Base - Boss: Egg Foot
  • Forest Falls - Boss: Egg Turtle
  • Meteor Base - Boss: Egg Destroyer
  • White Acropolis - Boss: Egg Genesis
  • Radical Train - Boss: Silver the Hedgehog (Unlocked when defeated)
  • Kingdom Valley - Boss: Egg Wyvern
  • Mystic Haunt - Boss: Egg Phantom
  • Tornado Defense - Boss: Egg Cauldron
  • Casino Street - Boss: Catcher Eggman
  • Mad Gear - Boss: Flying Eggman
  • End of the World - Boss: Subspace Chaos (E-9999999 Chaos)

Note: The final boss is actually normal Chaos (with 101's, 102's, 103's, 104's & 105's guns), controlling all the past, famous bosses of the series. Chaos use the guns one at a time (like 101, 103, 105, 102 and 104), making it an undeatable boss with the boss attacks and the guns.

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