Sonic The Hedgehog 64 Is The First Game For The SEGA 64

The Game Has Sonic's Old Style Graphics Exept For Amys Design


Amy Rose Has Been Kidnapped By Dr. Ivo Robotnik Duh!

Playable CharactersEdit

Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles The Echidna

Beta And PrerealeseEdit

9 Year Old Jake Clemmons Started Working On a 64 Bit Consle Which at the Time Was Called

"Project SuperSega" The Plan Was To Make a 3d Sonic Game That Would Outbuy Nintendo

When Relesed The Consle Had 2 Demos

A Unused Shooter

a Platformer Engine

The Platformer Was Discovered By Sega And Wanted To Sue the Kid's Parents But Sega Realized That The

Consle Would Make a Event In History And They Bought a Sega 64 and Started Working Off the

Platformer Thus


Jake Soon Found Out About The Project And Renamed The Project

Sonic The Hedgeho 64 (It Was Acculy Called Hedgeho)

Sega Reconized The Mistake And Fixed It

The 2010 Demo Was Realesed Two Months Later

In Early 2011 The Beta Was Relesed

Later Jake Worked With Sega For Several Days And Became a Employee After Five Weeks

The Final Beta was Relesed 9 Days After Sonic's Birthday

Models And PolygonsEdit

The Game Used Models From Sonic R

But However Amy Used Her Style From Sonic Adventure

But Shorter

Changes Between The Beta VersionEdit

Only a Few Enemies Were Scrapped:

A Blue Motobug

A Red Newton

A Robot That Almost Looks Like Gamma

Items (These Dont Come From Monators)Edit

Speed Shoes- They Look Like Sonic Shoes That Are Purple

Invurability- They Look like a Red and Green Star

1up- a Icon Of Sonic's Head From the "Sonic Team" Logo

2up- a Icon Of Super Sonic's Head


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