Sonic and All-Stars Racing World Tour is part of the SEGA Superstars series. It will release on the Wii, Wii U, NIntendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.


In Japan, instead of a roster or a side-scroller, players will have to say the name on the speaker. In other countries, they just need to pick from the roster.

There is 10 default characters (Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Aiai, Amigo, Billy Hatcher, Ryo Hazuki & Beat) and 6 classes (Sprinter, Glider, Limitless, Heavy, Drifter and Standard). Other characters need to be unlocked. List of Racers:

Introduced in Sega SuperstarsEdit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sprinter
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Limitless
  • Amigo - Heavy
  • Aiai - Sprinter
  • MeeMee - Sprinter (Earn 10 stars)
  • NiGHTS - Glider (Earn 20 stars)
  • Ulala - Standard (Earn 30 stars)
  • Billy Hatcher - Drifter
  • Akira Yuki - Limitless (Earn 40 stars)
  • Jacky Bryant - Limitless (Earn 50 stars)

Introduced in Sega Superstars TennisEdit

  • Miles "Tails" Prower - Glider
  • Amy Rose - Standard
  • Dr. Eggman - Heavy (Earn 60 stars)
  • Alex Kidd - Drifter (Earn 70 stars)
  • Gilius Thunderhead - Heavy (Earn 80 stars)
  • Beat - Limitless
  • Gum - Limitless (Earn 90 stars)
  • Pudding - Standard (Earn 100 stars)
  • Reala - Glider (Earn 110 stars)

Introduced in Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingEdit

  • Knuckles the Echidna - Glider
  • Big the Cat - Standard (Earn 120 stars)
  • Metal Sonic - Sprinter (Earn 130 stars)
  • B.D. Joe - Heavy (Earn 140 stars)
  • Ryo Hazuki - Limitless
  • Mobo and Robo - Heavy (Earn 150 stars)
  • ChuChus - Glider (Earn 160 stars)
  • Opa-Opa - Glider (Earn 170 stars)

Introduced in Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedEdit

  • Vyse - Glider (Earn 180 stars)
  • Joe Musashi - Drifter (Earn 190 stars)
  • AGES - Limitless (Earn 200 stars)
  • Danica Patrick - Sprinter (Earn 210 stars)
  • Wreck-It Ralph - Heavy (Earn 220 stars)


  • Hatsune Miku - Sprinter (Earn 230 stars)
  • Ristar - Glider (Earn 240 stars)
  • Vectorman - Heavy (Earn 250 stars)
  • Bayonetta - Limitless (Earn 260 stars)
  • Mega Man - Limitless (Earn 270 stars)
  • Amiga - Heavy (Earn 280 stars)
  • Blaze the Cat - Glider (Earn 290 stars)
  • Scrouge the Hedgehog - Sprinter (Earn 300 stars)
  • Silver the Hedgehog- Glider (Earn 350 stars)
  • Tatsuya Suou - Limitless (Earn 360 stars)
  • Maya Amano - Sprinter (Earn 370 stars)
  • Rin and Len Kagamine (Earn 380 stars)
  • Yu Narukami - Drifter (Earn 390 stars)
  • Joker - Heavy (Earn 400 stars)


Pack 1: Nintendo x Sonic and All-Stars Racing: World Tour (June 2019)

  • Characters: Mario (Sprinter), Link (Limitless), Pikachu (Drifter) and Kirby (Glider)
  • Cups: Mushroom Cup, Popstar Cup
  • Courses: Mario Circuit, Cookie Country and 6 unknown

Pack 2: Persona 5 x Sonic and All-Stars Racing: World Tour (December 2019)

  • Characters: Ryuji Sakamoto (Sprinter), Ann Tamaki (Glider), Yusuke Kitagawa (Drifter) and Goro Akechi (Heavy)
  • Cups: Mask Cup, Persona Cup
  • Courses: Rose Castle, Mementos Circuit and 6 unknown

Pack 3: Shantae x Sonic and All-Stars Racing: World Tour (Febuary 2020)

  • Characters: Shantae (Drifter), Bolo (Heavy), Sky (Limitless) and Risky Boots (Glider)
  • Cups: Genie Cup, Tinkerbat Cup
  • Courses: Sequin Circuit, Sky High Valley, Pirate Coast, Gravestone Circuit and 4 unknown

Pack 4: Persona 4 x Sonic and All-Stars Racing: World Tour (March 2020)

  • Characters: Yosuke Hanamura (Sprinter), Chie Satonaka (Standard), Yukiko Amagi (Standard) and Teddie (Glider)
  • Cups: Teddie Cup, TV Cup
  • Courses: Tv Circuit, Junes Drive, Palace Driftway, Teddie Circuit and 4 Unknown

Cups and Courses Edit

Rush Cup Edit

Series Course Description
Sonic Rush City Cranival In the Night Carnival, it is a race to the finish through the city lights!
Puyo Puyo Suzuran Circuit Puyos are Popping up everywhere! You'll need to drift to drive!
Nights Journey of Dreams Water Way Underwater we'll in this exciting race today!
Samba de Amigo Samba Town It's a party in Samba Town, and it's great to party!

Rocket Cup Edit

Series Course Description
Sonic Heroes Blackjack Overdrive Try your luck and be careful, poker chips are falling around and around.
Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg Crystal Cove Snowtime is in Blizzard Castle! It is very Chilly!
Super Monkey Ball Banana Circuit Roll around in the Temple and Back in Banana Circuit
Sonic Colors Wisp Cruise Wisps, Wisps, and more Wisps are everywhere to see!

Moonstone Cup Edit

Series Course Description
Skies of Arcadia Rogue Ship Arcadia ahoy! Time to race on the Blue Rogue Ship!
Persona 2 Temple Circuit Time to race in the temple! But be careful of dreadful monsters! (The course will be either the Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus or Leo Temple)
Jet Set Radio Shibuya


In Shibuya, you drive crazy to ride!
Billy Hatcher

and The Giant Egg



Chillness Drives through the spine in this Winter Wonderland!

Puyo Cup Edit

Series Course Description
Puyo Puyo Tetris!! Tetra Dimension Why is there a portal? Oh right, that is where you race in!
Puyo Puyo Primp Circuit Puyo's are still popping up everywhere! Be careful now!
Sonic Heroes Roulette Ride Roulette, Bingo and More awaits on this Night Ride.
Skies of Arcadia Nasr Tour Welcome to Nasr! Keep your hands, arms, legs and feet inside your car because your about to ride!

Maraca Cup Edit

Series Course Description
Samba De Amigo Jumping Festival
Sonic Colors Starlight Shipdeck
Persona 2 Xibalba Highway
Nights Journey of Dreams Crystal Circuit

World TourEdit

Sunshine CoastEdit

Series Type Name Event
Sonic Heroes Race Coastal View Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Panzer Dragoon Race Dragon Carnage Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Jet Set Radio Drift Shibuya Drift Dirft inside zones to earn time. Pass every checkpoint to win!
After Burner: Climax Race Battlezone Zone Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Samba de Amigo Versus Samba Scrapes Eliminate Rivals in a series of Showdown Races!
Super Monkey Ball Race Monkey Trouble Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Sonic Heroes Boost Roulette Road Boost to stop the clock. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Sonic Colors Race Galactic Speedway Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Extra MeeMee Congratulations! You unlocked MeeMee!
NiGHTS Congratulations! You unlocked NiGHTS!
Ulala Congratulations! You unlocked Ulala!
Akira Yuki Congratulations! You unlocked Akira Yuki!
Jacky Bryant Congratulations! You unlocked Jacky Bryant!
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