Sonic and Sega All Stars Party is a Party game for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch it's for four players and up.

Plot Edit

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were resting under a tree soon waken up by the Chuchu Pilots. So They ran to see Billy Hatcher, NiGHTS, Alex Kidd, Ulala, Beat, Hatsune Miku, Shadow, Cream and Vyse. Sonic looks at a chest which has a portal to the Party World. Which they meet Era a spirit who tells them that his world is in danger by Zormon and he needs some help to save his home.

Characters Edit

Modes Edit

Party Mode-Have fun on four player!

Story Mode-See a Sega story on board!

Options-Change it! The Party is still fun!

Shop-Buy stuff for some fun!

Minigame Mode-Play the minigames for some fun!

Boards & Bosses Edit

Tropical Trope, Mid Boss: Dark Corvo, Boss: Dark Raven

Sandy Steps, Mid Boss: Jackle, Boss: Reala

Crystal Canyon, Mid Boss: Anita and Faina, Boss: Vise

Magic Manor, Mid Boss: Purge, Boss: Blank

Forest Fortress, Mid Boss: Metal Sonic, Boss: Dr. Eggman

Crystal Castle, Mid Boss: Zormon, Boss: True Zormon

Items Edit

There is a total of 12 items, 4 in each color.

Blue Items Edit

The blue items are for the player.

Doubler This item will let you role two dices at once

Tripler This item will let you role three dices at once

Close Bomb This item will let you be closer to the star space.

Bit Block This item will let you hit blocks and get 3 rings whenever you hit a space.

Red Items Edit

The red items are for the other players

Tornado This item will take 10 rings from each other players.

Teleportation This item will allow other players to teleport back to the start.

KapuKapu This item will allow KapuKapus to attack one player.

Seastorm This item will allow a seastorm attacking one player.

Yellow Items Edit

The yellow items are for spaces.

GG Orb This item will allow spray paint teleporting if a player steps on it and teleports all players on different spaces.

Rocket Orb This item will operate if a player steps on it causing someone to switch with a different players.