Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure is a 2019 PC and Nintendo Switch game, released in mid-2019. It is a collaboration game, due to the original's 20 years.

Changes from the original Edit

  • The game takes place 8 months after Sonic Forces. As Sonic returns to the South Island, he meets Silver and Scourge. Then, they start the adventure.
  • The characters have 3D models. They also take some similarities from these in the cartoon, mostly having shoes that have anti-grav jet soles for Sonic, and the wrist controller worn by Doctor Eggman and Sonic.
  • The game has a cutscene. It starts with Neo South Island Act 1 music (Green Hill - Arsenal Pyramid from Forces), and as Sonic arrives, it changes to the music from Palmtree Panic Past.

Layout Edit

  • The levels are longer and 3D.
  • There are anti-grav sections, due to their soles being anti-gravitified.

Neo South Island Edit

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