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Anarchy reigns 2Aurora
Autism SocietyBailaBeat & Link At The Olympic Winter Games
Big the CatBilly Hatcher (Sonic Riders: Power Light)Brock Adventure 2: Battle
Brock Adventure DX: Director's CutCoco LaBoucheCosmo the Seedrian
Daniel the horrible hedgehogEraFantendo raid
House of the Dead 5JL Adventure seriesJet Set Radio: World Tour
MattDawn & MattazeMatt The HedgehogMighty the Armadillo (SSBU)
Mighty the Armadillo (StH2016)Miles "Tails" ProwerOllie the Olive Monkey
Palmtree Panic Zone (StHCA)Party CrystalsPlat Island
Rainbow RunRobo-LadRugrats in Paris: The Movie
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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 2!Sonic & Sega All-Stars Sports PartySonic Adventure 3: The Final Battle
Sonic Adventure 4Sonic Boom: 3D BlastSonic Classic Adventure
Sonic Crossovers: Zelda and Fire EmblemSonic Forces: The Phantom WarSonic Generations 2
Sonic Heroes 2Sonic PartySonic Pinball Party 2
Sonic Riders: Matrix GravitySonic Riders: Matrix Gravity/List of CoursesSonic Riders: Matrix Gravity/List of Extreme Gear
Sonic Shuffle RemixSonic The Hedgehog 64Sonic and All-Stars Racing: World Tour
Sonic and All-Stars RidersSonic and Sega All-Stars BattleSonic and Sega All Stars Party
Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure (2019)Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IIISonic the Hedgehog Classic Adventure
StaffStatyx the HedgehogStatyx the Hedgehog (2017)
Super Monkey Ball: Monkey See Monkey DoTails The Fox (Sires)
The 12 days of SegaThe Sonic ShowUlala's Toast
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