Statyx the Hedgehog is a Mobian pale yellow hedgehog with white streaks that lives in the West Side Island. He sometimes meets with Sonic the Hedgehog, has great swimming abilities because he has Propeller Shoes, and adventures every day to find the Elec Emeralds, the Chaos Emeralds that have enhanced with the Electric Crystal.

Appearance Edit

As a Mobian hedgehog, he has a pale yellow fur with white streaks on his long quils and dark tan skin that covers his muzzle and front torso. He has a round head and a slim, slender body. Statyx has also a white streak on both arms and legs. He has 8 long quils on his head, 2 spines producing from his back, a medium-lenght white tail, and azure eyes.

For attire, Statyx wears light-weight, hyper-friction azure shoes with pale gray cuffs on his ankles, pale gray soles, yellow toes and a sparkly silver zipper on the left of the shoes, leading from the cuff to the shoe's halfway. He also wears pale gray gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands and yellow pads, sparkly silver goggles with orange lenses and a dark taupe gray headband, and a dark taupe gray shoulder strap where he carries his yellow skis with white patterns. In his shoes, he has hidden a pair of dark taupe gray propellers used for swimming underwater.

When he has skis on his legs, he wears the goggles on his eyes. When underwater, the propellers open and Statyx has goggles on his eyes instead of forehead.

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