Statyx the Hedgehog is an installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog series which is a 3D sidescrolling action adventure game. It stars a pale yellow hedgehog named Statyx - the very fast hedgehog who hunts for the stones called the "Elec Emeralds". As Metal Sonic spreaded them into Giant Rings located in the whole West Side Island, Statyx is the only one to get them!

Plot Edit

The game begins in the skies, where the West Side Island can be seen. Then, it cuts to its biggest city - the Sliceropolis - where an azure hedgehog named Boomer plays in the Main Square, along with his band - Max the Monkey as the bassist, Mach the Rabbit on drums, Sharps the Parakeet as the lead guitarist, and Akuto the Tanookihog with a music box. Boomer, as usual, has a keytar. As the crowd of Slicers disperses, Boomer plays some notes on his keytar. The screen then darkens, only showing Boomer's shadowed face and green eyes. Then, the screen cuts into the title screen.

When the player begins the game, Statyx is watching Boomer's next concert on his TV, when suddenly the Electric Crystal pounds in front of him. Statyx looks up, and he sees Doctor Eggman in his Egg Mobile and Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic presses the button on the Egg Mobile's bottom, showing a huge claw that snatches the Electric Crystal as Statyx watches the process. The two disappear and reappear in the Azure Sanctuary, where Metal Sonic places the crystal in the middle, transforming Chaos Emeralds into Elec Emeralds. With that process, Metal Sonic launches Elec Emeralds into the seven Special Stages, where they are now hidden. Statyx rushes forward to see what happened. When he appears in the Emerald Hill, he looks up again, and he sees Doctor Eggman in his armored airship. So the adventure begins!

Statyx defeats Doctor Eggman using his new skills, until he reaches the fifth zone, Sliceropolis. He defeats Akuto the Tanookihog in a race, then in a huge robot called Mecha Akuto. When Akuto becomes Statyx's buddy, he calls Boomer the Hedgehog with his keytar, and they have fun until Doctor Eggman appears with two Slicers, as scrap metal. Statyx runs into Slicer Junkyard to see what happened.

Doctor Eggman in his new creation, Mega Slice Mobile, appears. Statyx defeats him and leaves the Slicer Junkyard, and enters a fake wall to the underground. The underground is revealed as the Magma Cave, and after defeating the boss Statyx appears in the Azure Sanctuary. Statyx fights Metal Sonic in three phases: first in a race through the clouds and to the Electric Crystal's temple; second just next to the temple, where Metal Sonic is piloting the Egg Press, and then into a race to the top of the tower; third after Metal Sonic becomes Magnet Metal Sonic after breaking the tower, needing 6 hits to defeat him in the second and third phases. As that, Statyx rockets to the air. Suddenly, he appears in the skies, inside the Silver Bullet, where he sees Doctor Eggman's Sky Base.

After clearing the Sky Chase-themed act, Statyx completes the second act and beats Eggman's Egg Bobber, which launches spike balls. Then, Statyx defeats Egg Pinball in the Armored Interior, and then he reaches the Egg Destroyer. He first defeats Magnet Metal Sonic again, and Doctor Eggman shows up again. The Egg Mobile enters a silvern robot, the door on the top closes, the jetpacks become huge phoenix wings and the final boss is decided: PHOENIX EGGROBO!!! Statyx defeats Phoenix Eggrobo and, electricity surrounds him, becoming Electro Statyx!! The evolved form of Super Statyx awakens! He runs into Space Chaos and there defeats the final boss.

After that, Statyx and Boomer's band have a concert, and all is well.

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