The Sonic Show was an animated "educational" cartoon aired on PBS from 1991 to 1992. The show was about the adventures of Sonic, Madonna, and later Tails.

The show consisted of twenty 8-minute "sketches" between 15-minute long stories. Sonic, Madonna, and Tails would teach about how to multiply, divide, and speak French, Japanese, and Spanish, among other things. The show is basically extinct, because all the tapes of the show got burned in a fire. We only know about the show because one member has remembered seeing it.

The show was animated in Japan by TMS and the shorts were originally produced for the American-Canadian Power Hour series aired in 1990 on select syndicated stations, which featured characters from popular and then-upcoming video games in educational shorts. TMS then produced thirty 15 minute episodes and aired the shorts as filler between them. Some Power Hour episodes survived on the Internet, which is how we got to see a few of the shorts.


  • In some ways, the fate of this show is similar to what happened to the 1973 Doraemon anime - it got destroyed in a fire.
  • This was the first Sonic TV show.
  • Sonic was voiced by Lori Chanler. Tails was voiced by Debbie Hartmann. Madonna was voiced by Gabby Parker. These actresses also worked on Power Hour.
  • This show has become popular on 4chan due to the infamous "CHINESE SOUP!!!" sketch featuring Sonic and Madonna.
    • SONIC'S MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED has become a meme as well.
  • The shorts featuring Tails were made in 1992 and were not part of the short lived Power Hour show.
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